Parents or the “Nanny State?”

Reasononline has an article entitled, “State-Based Parenting,” that discusses proposed legislation in California and Texas that seriously undermines the authority of parents. In California legislation has been proposed that would make spanking a child a criminal offense punishable, in some cases, by jail time. In Texas the notion is being kicked around to make missing a parent-teacher conference at the public school a criminal offense (unless the parent missing the appointment has a decent excuse and a note to verify it).

typewriter1.jpgLegislation of this kind is outrageous, and hopefully it will serve as a wake-up call to many that politicians are bent on controlling more and more areas of our lives. However, this little bit of news should come as no surprise. We’ve been turning over our liberties to the government at an alarming rate in hopes that the “nanny-state” will take care of us.

In fact, where our children are concerned, we long ago abdicated our responsibilities as parents to follow the biblical mandate to “bring up a child in the way he should go.” Instead, we’ve turned our children over to government schools that spend their time instilling secularized standards of “political correctness” and “tolerance” into our children that bear no resemblance to the biblical principles in which we are supposed to be training them.

That the states of California and Texas now think it is their responsibility to mandate to parents how they should discipline their children and participate in their children’s schools is merely the next natural step of a bloated government that long ago overstepped its bounds.

Bumper Sticker of the Day

I think it is a terrible idea to draw one’s theology and worldview from bumper stickers — it fosters a simplistic view of complicated subjects that deserve more than a moments consideration. But the sad reality in America is this: far too many of us no longer have the patience necessary to sit still long enough to do the reading and research it takes to actually understand some of the doctrinal and political issues before us. However, as ill-advised as it is to limit ones reading to bumper stickers, there are some that are better than others. From time to time I’ll share some of my favorites. Here’s the first…



About Chip
Chip is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN. He served more than five years on the staff of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana as Director of Communications and Public Relations, editor of the Indiana Baptist newsjournal, and regular contributor to the Baptist Press, the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. He currently earns his living as a writer. He serves his local church as a teacher and deacon and his local Baptist Association as a Seminary Extension instructor and supply preacher.

2 Responses to Parents or the “Nanny State?”

  1. Carla Marks says:

    So you are FOR hitting kids and AGAINST parents attending parent-teacher conferences?

  2. Chip says:

    Carla — whether or not I advocate spanking or attendance at parent-teacher conferences is entirely beside the point. The point is this: Parents (not the state) should be the ones to determine the best means for disciplining their children. Parents (not the state) should be the ones who decide what level of involvement in their child’s education is appropriate.

    The point of this post is NOT about spanking or parent-teacher conferences. It’s about liberty and the ever-growing government interference of our liberty. It’s a topic that should be of particular concern to Christians. If the state begins to dictate how we should discipline and how we should be involved in education then it won’t be too far down the road that the state will begin to decide what level of religious education is appropriate or that a mandate is necessary to make parents instruct their children in ALL religious faiths — you know, so as not to be intolerant.

    No, no, Carla, this post is all about liberty and the rights of people to decide for themselves what is best for them and their families.

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