The Different Candidate

During every presidential election season I hear voters lament the lack of a candidate they can really “get behind.” This is especially true of people who want a smaller, limited government.

jeffersonbustsm.jpgThere’s usually no shortage of candidates who want to grow government. Oh, Republicans say they want to shrink government, but once elected they grow government just as well as their Democrat counterparts. This is particularly frustrating for those of us who subscribe to the Jeffersonian view of limited government. We want a government so small and so limited that even if it abuses it’s power it won’t amount to much because it doesn’t have much power to abuse. For far too long we’ve had candidates pay lip service to our point of view. They’ve made claims about wanting to reduce the size and scope of government, but it never amounts to much.

This time it’s different. Ron Paul, the 10-time congressman from Texas, is running for president and appears to understand the beauty of limited government. He claims to be a champion of liberty. You know what? I believe him. I believe him for several reasons:

  1. He has long championed sound money, smaller government at home, and non-intervention abroad (consistent with the sort of government envisioned by our founders). This has been his message for as long as he’s been in congress. He has not changed his position to accommodate shifting political whim. He is resolute in his conviction. You can read the views he’s espoused for years here or here.
  2. His voting record is consistent with his expressed views.
  3. Most lobbyists don’t even come to his office any longer because they know he will vote against anything not expressly authorized by the United States Constitution. And let’s face it, pretty much everything congress does today is not authorized by our Constitution.

BusinessWeek featured Congressman Paul in a recent article. The writer apparently noticed the sharp contrast between Paul’s grasp of economics and the typical politician’s view of economics and asked him who his economic advisors were. I love his answer:

“I don’t have any. I read Austrian economics, which I’ve been doing for 30 years. So my advisers have been [von] Mises and Hayek and Sennholz.”

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate in either party who has a sincere desire to reduce the national government. Every other candidate has a “plan” to solve this or that “problem” and it always includes massive increases in government spending. Just take a look at Barack Obama’s latest scheme to “improve education” (and please note Ron Paul’s plan for improving education in his comments at the end).

Among the typical complaints murmured during election time are “all the candidates are just alike,” and “we don’t have a real choice.” Well, this time there is a real choice. This time there is a candidate who stands for liberty. And if you desire the limited government our founders intended us to have then you need to get on board with Ron Paul because a real choice like this doesn’t come around very often.

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About Chip
Chip is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN. He served more than five years on the staff of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana as Director of Communications and Public Relations, editor of the Indiana Baptist newsjournal, and regular contributor to the Baptist Press, the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. He currently earns his living as a writer. He serves his local church as a teacher and deacon and his local Baptist Association as a Seminary Extension instructor and supply preacher.

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