Big government IS the problem

goldcoins.jpgIf you’ve kept up with the news lately you are aware the United States economy is in trouble. In fact, the U.S. is no longer the world’s leading economy — that distinction has recently been surrendered to the European Union. The really scary part of this whole mess is the political rhetoric spouting from Washington. The politicians are falling over one another with their “government solutions” to the problem. Except the government is incapable of solving the problem because the government IS the problem.

Government intrusion into the free market always brings unintended consequences that create new problems. It is the rare politician who understands this. Of course, our founders understood this — Thomas Jefferson in particular. A generation later John C. Calhoun (who’s birthday was yesterday) understood it. Today Ron Paul understands it. Paul, a congressman from Texas, has recently joined as a regular contributor, so the ideas of liberty will have another outlet. His first contribution is entitled, “The crumbling U.S. empire.”


About Chip
Chip is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN. He served more than five years on the staff of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana as Director of Communications and Public Relations, editor of the Indiana Baptist newsjournal, and regular contributor to the Baptist Press, the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. He currently earns his living as a writer. He serves his local church as a teacher and deacon and his local Baptist Association as a Seminary Extension instructor and supply preacher.

One Response to Big government IS the problem

  1. lichanos says:

    Government intrusion into the free market always brings unintended consequences that create new problems.

    Seems to me that an unfettered free market will bring unintended consequences as well. Unless, of course, you define all consequences of a free market as intended. Certainly, many of them will be un-desired consequences, at least as measured by any sort of popular vote. Again, of course, such a survey will not hold water with free-market dogmatists because the only “voting” that counts for them is the “selection” done in the act of purchase or exchange.

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