A step in the right direction

It is the tendency of any government to grow. When people obtain power they maneuver to insure they retain what they have and to gain as much more as possible. If you have been a reader of thideology for any length of time you know me to be an advocate of extremely small, limited government — you know, the kind intended by America’s founders. You also probably know that I believe the United States to have overstepped its rightful authority so far that we no longer even resemble the constitutional government envisioned by our founders.

The United States government has been growing at such an alarming rate that we are beginning to resemble more socialistic countries where people are virtually considered the property of the state. We haven’t quite reached the level of Germany (where parents were sent to jail for homeschooling their children), or Canada (where a court undermined a father’s right to discipline his own daughter).

However, we do have a majority in Congress who believes it is their right to seize private property and “nationalize” it whenever the urge strikes. I’ll give you an example…

You are probably aware of rising gasoline prices. This is a direct result of rising worldwide demand for oil and a limited supply. Our own Congress has outlawed drilling for oil in many parts of the United States where we know there exists billions of barrels. President Bush recently proposed lifting the barriers so that we might drill for domestic oil, increase the supply, and lower prices. Congress is refusing. Instead the democrats think the solution is to seize an entire private industry and let the government run it. They are creating a problem to justify an enormous increase in their own power — with absolutely zero constitutional authority.

That’s the bad news. Our federal government is conducting business as usual.

The good news is in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma legislature has just declared sovereignty for the affairs of Oklahoma. The resolution they adopted essentially tells the United States Congress that their power is limited by the Constitution and any power not expressly granted to them by the Constitution is prohibited to them and reserved for the states.

This is a step in the right direction. The actions of the Oklahoma legislature are nothing short of heroic.

Note: On my vacation I read three-fourths of Ron Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto. When I finish I will write the book review I promised you before I left.

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