Thideological thoughts for the week

Concerning God’s will and Haiti

I have a number of theological disagreements with Pat Robertson — so I was not surprised when he made comments, with which I disagree, about the reason Haiti was devastated by the recent earthquake. But, Lee Shelton IV responded quite well on his blog “The Contemporary Calvinist.” Allow me to direct you to Lee’s comments. I’ll leave it at that.

Having respect for politicians

I recently heard a candidate for congress express his profound respect for his opponent. “We can have serious disagreements about policy,” the candidate said, “and still respect one another’s point of view.”

Now, I realize the candidate has to say all the “right things” so as not to offend someone’s delicate sensibilities. But I would have to add one very important caveat to his statement. I can respect another’s point of view only insofar as his point of view is respectable. And what Democrats in congress are proposing now is anything but respectable.

Imagine for a second that you are walking down the street and a mugger walks up to you and pulls a gun. He demands your money. Now, you and the mugger have a “disagreement” about the use of your money. You’d like to keep it for your own purposes and he’d like it for his. Do you “respect” his point of view even though you don’t agree with it?

Of course not. His point of view is wrong. It’s illegal. And there is nothing about it worthy of respect. You may be thinking, “But the differences between members of congress aren’t like that.” I disagree. There are members of congress who advocate the use of our money for their own purposes without our consent — they just call it taxation instead of robbery. But it’s the same thing.

Where is your hope?

The recent election of Scott Brown to the Senate has made conservatives and Republicans absolutely giddy. His election breaks the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and may put a stop to Barack Obama’s plans of a government takeover of the healthcare industry.

Now, I am opposed to just about every proposed expansion of the federal government — from the healthcare takeover to “cap and trade” to simple increases in regulations of any kind. And I am glad Brown won — if for no other reason than he seems to have put a halt to these expansions for the moment.

But I offer a simple caution:

If you have placed your hope in Scott Brown to change congress…

If you have placed your hope in congress to change America for the better…

If you have placed your hope in America to be a beacon of righteousness to the rest of the world…

…then your hope is grossly misplaced and you will be terribly disappointed.

The only problem with the world is sin. And the only hope for a sin-cursed world is found in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. America is not God’s instrument of grace to a lost and dying world. Congress is not God’s means of delivering grace. And Scott Brown is not God’s savior.

The Church is God’s instrument of grace in this world. The Scripture is His means of making us aware of that grace. And that grace only comes through faith in the One, true savior of the world — Jesus Christ.

Make sure your hope is properly placed.

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