Thideology News of the Day

A couple of examples of why a compromising church is no church at all…

  • Example 1: Compromising the Gospel for the sake of larger crowds — a practice that amounts to abandoning the only message that saves for a message that pleases and attracts unregenerate, sinful men.
  • Example 2: Compromising soul care of the dying (with a message centered around the Gospel) for the sake of making them feel good (with a message centered around taking their mind off of the fact they are going to meet their Creator and Judge very soon).



Thideology News of the Day

American Idol

I have long maintained that the most prominent idol in America is America. I freely admit that I was once the greatest offender, having a love of country that far exceeded my love for God, His Word, or His Son. God revealed my sin to me and I suspect it is because my eyes were opened to this particular sin in my own life that I so readily see it in the culture around me. But, I am greatly encouraged to know that I am not the only one. Laurance Vance has been pointing out this particular sin for longer than I have. Today he offers a little self test for those who wonder if they love their country more than they love God. Warning: You may be offended — which brings us to another matter…

The Truth is Offensive

The “Weekly Dose of Spurgeon,” a regular feature on the Pyromaniacs blog, points out that the truth is frequently offensive. But please note, Spurgeon points out that the offensive nature of His message never prevented Jesus from proclaiming the truth. After all, the Gospel, itself, is highly, highly offensive.

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