Welcome to the Thideology™ Store. Here you will find an assortment of Officially Licensed Thideology ™ merchandise ranging from t-shirts and sweatshirts to tote bags, bumper stickers and buttons. Be the first person in your neighborhood — at this point you’d be the first person, period — to show your support of the potentially wildly popular Thideology blog.

Thideology™ merchandise makes a great birthday or Christmas gift — well, it makes a great “gag” gift for those office and Sunday School parties where you have to wrap some useless trinket. Hey, the Thideology™ Store is a virtual clearinghouse of useless trinkets, just take a look at the items in these impressive shops…

Vintage Thideology Gear (in classic black and white)

“New and Improved” Thideology Gear (now in Technicolor)

Thideology Research Team Gear

Thideology Dive Team Gear

For One Films — Film Crew Gear

For One Films Gear — “Director’s Cut”

With this much junk available at the mere click of a button you can afford to make the Thideology™ Store your useless trinkets headquarters. Why shop for your future garage sale fodder anywhere else?

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