For One Films™

For One Films™, the film production division of Thideology™ Ministries, produces short films for use in Sunday School and Bible study settings. Founded in direct response to the “seeker-sensitive” and “self-help” perspectives so common in churches today, For One Films presents a biblical perspective through video in an attempt to reacquaint Christians with the great biblical doctrines that have been all but lost in our post-modern man-centered world. While we are certainly the beneficiaries of God’s redemptive plan we need to understand that His plan is first and foremost for His glory. The Bible was written for us — but it is about God.

The films available here are intended to please and honor an audience of One.

“Gott Mit Uns”

Gott Mit Uns examines man’s tendency to elevate himself to an almost god-like status and his justifications for committing crimes against his fellow man. Specifically, Gott Mit Uns examines how people claiming to be Christians and professing to follow the Lordship of Jesus Christ can be manipulated to follow leaders whose motives and goals clearly contradict the teachings of Scripture. By taking a look at how events progressed toward Nazism in twentieth-century Germany — once considered a “Christian nation” — Gott Mit Uns examines the steps nations take in abandoning the teachings of Christ and leaves the viewer with the question: “Could this happen in my country?”

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

When soldiers die in combat they are said to have made the ultimate sacrifice. But is their sacrifice the ultimate? While soldiers may be willing to die that does not mean they intend to. Certainly if anyone ever embarked on a mission with the full intention of dying that would have to be considered the ultimate sacrifice — the sacrifice above all others. Surely no one has ever left home so fully intending to die that the plans were already in place.

There was one…

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