Christian AND Muslim?

typewriter5.jpgIn an article on an Episcopalian Priest claims she is both Christian and Muslim in the same way she is both 100 percent “American of African descent and a woman.”

According to the article she prays in a mosque on Fridays and preaches in church on Sundays.

“At the most basic level, I understand the two religions to be compatible,” she said.  “That’s all I need.”

May I suggest that this poor lady does not understand Christianity at all? Christ is the only savior. The God of the Bible is the only God. To be a Christian means to accept and embrace these biblical truths and to reject anything contrary. Her claim to Christianity in spite of her rejection of Christianity’s clear teachings should come as no surprise. The article goes on to show how this priest has never believed the biblical doctrine of original sin, has struggled with the idea of Jesus’ divinity, and thinks all humans are divine.

That a person claims to be a priest — a leader in the church — and does not understand these most basic principles of Christianity is just the natural consequence of the current trend to compromise doctrinal purity for the sake of “tolerance” and post-modern relativism.

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