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When soldiers die in combat they are said to have made the ultimate sacrifice. But is their sacrifice the ultimate? While soldiers may be willing to die that does not mean they intend to. Certainly if anyone ever embarked on a mission with the full intention of dying that would have to be considered the ultimate sacrifice — the sacrifice above all others. Surely no one has ever left home so fully intending to die that the plans were already in place.

There was one…

The Ultimate Sacrifice, new from For One Films

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Thideology Research Team: Case File 005

Axum, ETHIOPIA —  Thideology Research Team scholars now confirm that the Queen of Sheba’s palace, allegedly the one-time home of the Ark of the Covenant, has been discovered. The original report came from archaeologists from the University of Hamburg.

“This is very exciting news and we are pleased to confirm the initial report by the University of Hamburg researchers,” said Professor Henry Tweed, a scholar with the Thideology Research Team.*

Thideology Research Team scholars did not confirm the reports based on any first-hand knowledge of the recent discovery nor on the basis of having examined any evidence, but rather on the reputation of the Hamburg archaeologists.

“We figure those guys probably have real Ph.Ds and stuff,” said Professor Tweed. “They really seem to know what they are doing.”

The Queen of Sheba is mentioned in the Bible (1 Kings, chapter 10) when she journeyed to Jerusalem after hearing of the wisdom of King Solomon.

*Professor Henry Tweed is not a real person — he’s made up. But, having a direct quote from someone with an academic-sounding name usually lends credibility to a story, don’t ya think?

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