The march to socialism

In a recent article at, Joseph Farah pointed out America is marching headlong into socialism. He followed that article up with a second article entitled “What’s wrong with socialism?” The second article was necessary, he contends, because too many young Americans are just plain ignorant of the horrid nature of socialism and keep sending him e-mails asking him that very question.

sovietsoldierthid1I contend this march began years ago with FDR (and, it should be noted, his socialist policies are directly responsible for a recession becoming “The Great Depression”). But anyone who has been paying attention lately can see this trend accelerating. Just a quick glance through the headlines turns up any number of stories illustrating this point:

  1. Our government is on the verge of enforcing censorship. Not only is this grossly unconstitutional, but the silencing of dissent is the mark of totalitarian states. Then again, the constitution ceased to be the standard by which our government operates years ago. Of course those in power in our federal government don’t call it “censorship.” Oh no, they hide their intent in friendly terms like, “The Fairness Doctrine.”
  2. Our government engages in intimidation. Anyone who dares to express a view contrary to official state doctrine will be humiliated — as an example to others.
  3. The elimination of private property is actually being considered. Argentina recently “nationalized” all private retirement accounts. That means the government of Argentina stole millions from it’s citizens. The Democrats in the United States are actually considering similar measures. Again, they won’t call it the seizure of private assets. They will call it the “rescue” of American investment.

American politicians have long sought to increase government power. But, in years past they’ve at least had to work very hard to fool voters into thinking they were not. This election year there are candidates who don’t even bother to hide their Marxist ideology. And millions of Americans support them anyway.


Dropping all pretense

Americans have long engaged is state worship. But until recently this civil religion has been cleverly disguised. It has been couched in subtle terminology so as to make it possible for us to fool ourselves into thinking we’re not really worshipping idols. Of course, God is not fooled — but we feel better.

Consider the words we use with regard to some of our monuments. The Lincoln Memorial has an inscription which reads, “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” A temple is a place of worship. Lincoln’s statue, indeed his entire memorial, is reminiscent of Greek temples. And he is worshipped in this country.

Go to just about any veterans’ cemetery. There will almost always be a sign somewhere declaring the ground to be sacred. Holy. Yet scripture tells us God alone is holy.

We swear our loyalty to a man-made, inanimate object every time we say the pledge of allegiance. But we call this “patriotism” rather than idolatry.

Taken individually these examples may be defended as something other than state worship. Together they have created a culture that has conditioned us to view the state as something greater than it is. As something to be revered — even worshipped. As a result we no longer know the difference between actual patriotism and gross nationalism.

The 2008 election, however, has taken this idolatry to a new level. All pretense has been dropped. There are people openly comparing the Democrat candidate for president, Barack Obama, with the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Just take a look at this website. Scroll through the articles. Read them. Watch the videos. Consider how much faith — yes faith — one must invest in a president for these kinds of things to be said.

The mask has come off. We are a nation of idol worshippers.

May God use this election to show us all where we are guilty of idolatry.

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